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Exterior Coatings

Weatherproof Your Roof With Our Coatings

Roof coatings are durable elastomeric membranes that give us an added layer of protection from the elements. In addition to weather conditions, the topmost layer acts as a shield protecting our roofs against the effects of ultraviolet and infrared light from the Sun. These membranes are seamless and fully adhered to the surface which can add up to 15 years of service life to the roof before another coat must be applied.

Our coatings are created with a variety of materials to work with a wide range of roof scenarios, such as composite, wood, asphalt, metal and galvanized metal surfaces. Small leak intrusions and other minor damage can be repaired prior to application and as such you may be able to avoid early roof replacement for several years to come. On average a full layer of coating can decrease your interior temperature by as much as eight to ten degrees (Fahrenheit).

Acrylic Spray Coating

Composed of acrylic materials which are commonly found in other materials such as Plexiglas®, this spray coating is an extremely durable and weather resistant product. It protects against direct sunlight ultraviolet(UV) radiation and the adverse effect of weathering. Though a very strong material against the elements, its also flexible enough to conform to movement and expansion through temperature variations, thus maintaining its seamless design.

Silicone Spray Coating

Similar to properties of acrylic based coatings, silicone spray coatings are very durable against the effects of weathering and temperature variations. Unlike acrylic however, it is a single-component material, which means it only requires one layer to be applied on most roof surfaces for maximum efficiency. Its resistance to withstand water ponding is far superior to that of acrylic base, as such is ideal for environments where moisture is abundant.


Ensure excellent weathering, moisture and temperature resistance. Coating layers can be reapplied every 10-15 years for maximum efficiency.

Cost Effective

Applied directly on top of your existing roof with minimal materials used. Does not require roofs with minor damage to be replaced prior to application.


Can be applied on top of asphalt, composite, concrete, masonry, metal, polyurethane foam and primed wood roof surfaces.

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