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Interior Insulation

Is The Heart Of Your Home Protected?

Home. One simple word that for many of us means where our hearts reside. We repair, maintain and personalize the interior of our homes to create a safe feeling for ourselves and loved ones. How much more so is it important for us to protect the areas that we can’t see but feel, such as within our crawlspaces, floors, attics and walls? Proper insulation allows your home stay at your ideal temperature setting thus helping to create a happy home environment.

Invented in the mid 20th century, spray foam is the greatest innovation on the insulation market today. A very durable material, it offers more protection against nature’s elements than traditional fiberglass insulation practices. In addition to reducing unwanted sound, it protects against thermal conductivity and moisture infiltration. It is also more energy efficient by substantially reducing your air conditioning power consumption, thus lowering your monthly energy usage costs. Don’t let the weather decide what temperature your home will be, make your home comfortable, healthier and happier with our spray foam insulation today!

Spray Open Cell Foam

Foam which contains tiny cells that are not completely closed. Instead air fills the remaining open space. This material is weaker and softer feeling than its closed-cell counterpart. The R-Value for our open-cell foam is approximately 4.2 per one inch layer.

Spray Closed Cell Foam

Stronger and denser foam that consists of small gas bubbles that are formed during the foam’s expansion process. Unlike the open-cell variant, the gas inside these cells is permanently locked into place. This type of insulation requires more material than it’s predecessor as such is more costly. However this allows the insulation greater resistance to air leakage and water vapor. The R-Value for our closed-cell foam is approximately 6.7 per one inch layer.

Batten Fiberglass

One of the most common insulation products on the market today that can be installed quickly and cost effectively, while still meeting standards for basic insulation in walls, attics, crawl spaces and basements. This type of insulation may contain some recycled materials and sand, which is used in the process of creating the small glass fibers. We offer Fiberglass with an R-Value of either 19 or 38 per square foot.

What Are R-Values & How Do They Affect Me?

R-Value is the measurement of an insulation’s resistance to the loss of heat. The higher the R-Value, the better your insulation’s thermal performance will be. Below is a chart and table reflecting your climate zone and their respected recommended R-Values. 

ZoneUninsulated Attic​Uninsulated WallsFloor & Crawlspaces
1R30 to R49R13 to R15R13
2R30 to R60R13 to R15R13 to R19
3R30 to R60R13 to R15R19 to R25
4R38 to R60R13 to R15R25 to R30
5-8R49 to R60R13 to R21R25 to R30


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